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A day in the life of a cloud accountant

BY Shelly Lingor ON Dec 6, 2018

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...cloud accountant?

What to do with uncleared bank checks at year end

BY Shelly Lingor ON Dec 3, 2018

If your business is involved in transferring money in some way (so, virtually every business out there), chances are you've written a check that the payee never cashed. Did you know that you're responsible for reporting and submitting those funds to your state? That's right—even though your recipient never cashed the check, those funds are still considered the property of that individual. 

How to organize your information to file 1099s on time

BY Shelly Lingor ON Nov 26, 2018

One of the biggest year-end tasks, for many businesses, is sending and filing 1099 forms. Depending on how many contractors your business has used this year, and how organized you've been about keeping good records, 1099s can become a big project that you don't want to leave until the last minute. Start now by organizing all of your information and collecting anything you need from your...

It's 1099 time for businesses

BY Shelly Lingor ON Nov 20, 2018

While January 31 may seem far away, now is the time to start organizing your information your 1099s. As a business, you're required to send a 1099 form to every contractor and vendor to whom you paid more than $600 in the calendar year. We offer three tiers of service for businesses who wish to outsource their 1099 preparation process.

Is your business ready for year-end?

BY Shelly Lingor ON Nov 15, 2018

As the year winds down, your accounting needs ramp up. There are lots of big and little tasks you should complete to make sure your business is ready for a fresh start in the new year. The problem is, the end of the year tends to be the busy season for many businesses, and so all the back-office tasks get pushed aside. 

Does your business have employees or contractors?

BY Shelly Lingor ON Nov 8, 2018

If you have people working for your business, it's important to classify them appropriately. Why? Because if you pay them on a 1099, as contractors, and it turns out they should've been paid on a W-2, your business can find itself in hot water.

Do you really need a business plan? + 4 top accounting apps

BY Shelly Lingor ON Nov 2, 2018

Putting together a business plan isn’t something you do overnight, so it can feel unnecessary when you’re trying to get your business off the ground. As you get into the weeds with your business, however, your business plan becomes a compass for growth and sustainability. 

6 surprising things about starting a new business

BY Shelly Lingor ON Oct 31, 2018

When you’re starting a new business, you’re focused on a great idea. Then, all of a sudden, along comes reality—there’s a lot more to running a business than bringing a great product or service into the market. Here are the most common surprises our new business customers encounter in their first year in business.

How do I choose a legal structure for my business?

BY Shelly Lingor ON Oct 19, 2018

If you find yourself running a business, you should really put a ring on it—that is, make it official by choosing the right legal structure. Your designation is only about 2% less of a major, long-term commitment than a marriage. So choose wisely.

You can always learn something new—Sponsor spotlight on Hubdoc

BY Shelly Lingor ON Oct 18, 2018

Supporting the thriving community around us is a critical part of our business mission, and our partners and friends at Hubdoc (based in Toronto) feel the same way.